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Own a condo? You probably already know the importance of having insurance coverage. But what kind of condo insurance should you have?


Condo Insurance Guidance

When you’re shopping for condo insurance, it’s important to understand the different types of policies available and what each one covers.

HO-A: This is the most basic type of policy, and it covers damage to the structure of your condo as well as your personal belongings.

HO-B: This policy covers the same as HO-A, but it also provides liability coverage in case someone is injured on your property.

HO-C: This policy is designed for condo owners who rent out their units. It covers damage to the structure of the condo as well as the belongings of tenants, and it also provides liability coverage.

HO-6: This policy is designed for condominium owners who want to insure their personal belongings but not the structure of the condo. It covers things like furniture, clothing, and electronics.

When making a final selection on your condo insurance policy, it’s also important to consider your needs and budget. Make sure to read your policy carefully so you understand what is and is not covered, such as damage from floods or earthquakes.

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