Umbrella Insurance

A lot of people don’t know what umbrella insurance is. Simply put, it’s insurance that covers you when the damages from an incident exceed the limits of your other insurance policies.


Understanding Umbrella Insurance

How can umbrella insurance help you? Here’s an example: if you have home insurance but your dog bites someone and they sue you, your home insurance policy would likely only cover a small portion of the damages. Umbrella insurance would then kick in to cover the rest.

Umbrella insurance is also a great way to protect your assets, and it’s generally very affordable. Most policies start at around $100 per year. So if you have a lot of assets that you want to protect, umbrella insurance is a wise investment.

Umbrella insurance can also be a great way to protect your family. If someone gets injured while on your property, umbrella insurance will help cover the costs of their medical bills.

Your Umbrella Policy

In today’s litigious world, lawsuits are fast becoming the #1 reason families go bankrupt. Protect yourself and those you love with umbrella insurance. Our team is standing by to help you set up a policy, just call or click below for more information.


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